Taking Some “Me Time” is Important When Trying to Conceive


Taking Some "Me Time" is Important When Trying to ConceiveWanna know a secret?

I am under a little bit of stress.

If you’re not shocked by my admission, you probably understand the toll that trying to conceive can have on your relationships. It’s hard even when you’re not dealing with the infertility label and it certainly complicates things when you do have that hoovering over your head.

The past 13 months have not gone at all like I expected. I’ve had to learn to let go of control, of plans, and expectations. I have grown so much compassion for others while I’m dealing with secondary infertility and my relationship with my partner has grown too.

I am worn down though — a combination of wanting to control things and left over hormones from the fertility treatments.

I need a little bit of a break.

Not from trying to make the family I want, we’re technically in the 2 week wait, but I need a break from the stress. I need to take a pause and not worry about what my chart looks like, or checking for any sign or flag about what this cycle may hold for us. I am putting way too much pressure on myself and I know, and you’re probably thinking it too, that stress is counter-productive for fertility.

So for the next week or so I am going to focus on relaxing, taking things day-by-day, and see where that leads me. It’s bound to do more good than any harm, right?

:: How are you doing this month? ::

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