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How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant

  • How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant 1 of 9

    1: Know your rights

    Know your rights

    Maternal and paternal rights vary by state and by company, so you'll want to look into the specifics before you figure out your plan. (If you work for a larger company, the Family And Medical Leave Act gives you the right to take off up to 12 weeks for maternity leave and return to your job.) Speak with people who have experience with your company's maternity leave policy; the way things are written is not always how they unfold. Employee Appreciation Day: No Flowers, Please, Just (Maternity) Leave
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    2: Keeping the pregnancy quiet until you’re ready

    Keeping the pregnancy quiet until you’re ready Maybe you feel comfortable talking about your pregnancy while still in the first trimester, but with people you’re not ready to tell the news to, be creative (especially if you’ve got obvious pregnancy symptoms to conceal). Try wearing larger-sized, looser clothing and use little white lies (no that’s not nausea, that’s indigestion) until you’re ready to 'fess up.
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    3: Breaking the news

    Breaking the news How you tell your colleagues will depend on your work environment and your plans and goals. Do you know what you’ll want to do after the baby is born? It’ll be the first thing on everyone’s mind. Your boss may be thrilled for you, but she’ll want to know your maternity leave plans and when you hope to return to work. And keep in mind that telling her sooner rather than later is best.

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    4: Managing co-worker and client relationships

    Managing co-worker and client relationships Apt or not, your coworkers may worry your pregnancy will affect your work. Reassure them that you can still be an efficient employee. (Unless you can’t, and we’ll talk about that possibility later.) And, if you don’t think you’re going to be able to keep up with client needs while pregnant, consider sharing the workload with someone. Yes, there’s a risk but if you don’t provide backup, you could lose them altogether. Say “uncle” before things fall through the cracks.
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    5: Staying focused on your work

    Staying focused on your work When you’re pregnant it’s sometimes hard to think about anything else. Since you can’t quell your anticipatory thoughts entirely, take breaks to delve into all things pregnancy and baby, like baby names, for example. These breaks should free up more energy for other things at other times — like the work you’re being paid to do.
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    6: Handling unsafe work conditions

    Handling unsafe work conditions Unfortunately, there are few protections for pregnant women in physically dangerous work situations. You might be able to choose to take medical leave to protect your pregnancy or speak with your supervisor and arrange a temporary reallocation of responsibilities. Although companies are required to treat pregnancy like any other medical condition, your employer has no legal responsibility to retain you if you are not doing the work you were hired to do. Your benefits depend on your company.
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    7: What if your workplace isn’t so supportive?

    What if your workplace isn’t so supportive? Companies check the bottom line, so if you want to keep your job you’ll need to prove that your pregnancy will not interfere with your ability to crank out the work. But pregnancy can create interferences to your productivity, so you may need some strategies to make up the lost time or at least to look like you’re as successful as ever.
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    8: When — or whether — to come back after the baby’s born

    When—or whether—to come back after the baby’s born For many moms, no amount of pre-baby planning can prepare them for after the baby is born. Die-hard working girls may find themselves totally repulsed by the idea of leaving their babies, while would-be stay-at-home moms can feel desperate to return to the world of adults. Tune into your feelings and keep the conversation flowing with your partner. Really, it comes down to what works for your family and
    for you.
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