Telling the Kid About the Babe


Jackson is pretty in tune when it comes to the world and its happenings at (almost) three and a half years old. So when Paul and I told him that there was a baby growing in mommy’s belly and he was going to be a big brother, I’m pretty sure he got it. Granted his response was the exact opposite of enthusiastic… “oh ok… I guess.” But he understands the concept. I think…

Since I’m still early in to this pregnancy, and I have the equivalent of a food baby residing in my abdominal cavity, Jackson will pat my belly but knows that it will get bigger in time as the baby grows. “Bigger like the other mommies,” he says. (We have quite a few pregnant friends right now. It always happens that way, doesn’t it?)

Granted my son does not understand why I need to lay down 11,854,903 times a day, and I need to constantly remind him not to use my body as a trampoline, but he gets the overall concept. A baby is joining our family.

I can’t help but wonder though what it must be like for children who are younger than Jackson… Had we been able to have a baby when he was 18 months or 2 years old, what would his concept of “you’re going to be a big brother” be like?

My brother and I are four years apart and while I remember him as a baby, I don’t remember much of my mom being pregnant with him. I wonder what my parents told me when they were expecting. And I wonder what my reaction was, as a child, to learn about a new addition to our family.

How did you tell your kidlet(s) about the baby-to-be? How did they react to the news?