It is just sitting there taunting me.

In a pink box…a box of two, actually.

Still in the plastic wrap.

Tomorrow, my period will be officially late.

I want nothing more than to tear the box open and test … to know if we are pregnant or not.

This waiting is truly taking its toll.

Before we had our daughter, certain that getting pregnant would all be so simple, I began testing far too early. For months, I peed on more sticks than I care to admit.

Over time, it became too much … the constant testing … the constant disappointment. So, my new rule was to wait until my period was late.

But, today I really want to just test and get it over with.

I want to either mentally prepare for yet another month of trying or cautiously celebrate our pregnancy.

The not knowing is the hardest part, I think.

How early did you test for your babies? Did you test often or wait until you were late? What brand of test did you use? Did you find any more sensitive than others?

Please distract me with your stories!