Thankful for the Uneventful


I’ve been very fortunate and extremely thankful for being able to share my pregnancy journey with everyone here on the Being Pregnant blog.

This blog has afforded me a place to write down many of the trials and tribulations related to being pregnant. A place where I’ve found other women in a similar life situations commiserate with during this amazing time in my life.

Yes, I’ve complained a lot.

I’ve whined about the things strangers have said to me.

I’ve boo hoo’ed about my lower back. I’ve cried about not being able to sleep, drink, or even poop.

Whaaa whaaaa whaaaa….

But at the end of the day, this 4th pregnancy of mine has been insanely simple and boring. This baby is healthy, and I am strong.

I got pregnant easily and stayed pregnant with little effort. For many (of you), this is not the case. I know, and I’m sorry. In my opinion, every woman deserves to painlessly and easily grow her family as she chooses.

I woke up this morning after sleeping in, turned on the computer, and saw many of my friends and family posting short little sentences on what they’re thankful for on their Facebook account.

Mine: I am thankful for a boring pregnancy. I am thankful to making it to the 33 week mark with simplicity and ease.

My “being pregnant” friends, what part of this pregnancy has made you thankful? I would love to hear…