The 5 Greatest Things About This Pregnancy (Aside from our Baby)

This pregnancy? I took off my beer helmet.

So here we are at 28 weeks, and I gotta tell you, it’s been a struggle. Not horrible, mind you, but a struggle nonetheless. Part of the struggle has been that we’re just not that excited about this pregnancy. Before you gasp in disapproval, please know this: such is the fate of the expectant couple who already have four children. Also, Caroline’s not been feeling that well. Her thyroid’s been acting up, though the meds have definitely helped a bit.

Still, all in all, it’s been a haul. But with just 12 weeks left, we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And as such, I’ve been looking back on our journey and am finally able to see that it’s not been without its high points. It’s just we’ve been too tired to notice them. Until now.

In that spirit, here are the five most wonderful things about this pregnancy, aside from Grand Finale, of course.

1. Nesting: Nesting is always good, but what we’ve done is actually far beyond nesting. Three of our four children have new rooms and each and every one of them have new beds. Plus, we’ve done our nursery. And I gotta tell you folks, every single room looks fantastic. If we weren’t pregnant? I can assure you that we’d not have done anything with any of the rooms. So glad we did.

2. Booze moratorium: Caroline, for obvious reasons, hasn’t been drinking at all during this pregnancy. Me? I’ve certainly been known to engage in the occasional cocktail. Yet I’ve all but stopped drinking since Caroline’s been with child. (Well, except for an accidental three-day bender in New Orleans. Don’t worry. It was for work.) Why have I all but stopped drinking? I’m not sure. But I can tell you this much. It’s been fantastic. It’s always nice to clean out the system, no? (Whoops. Probably not a great group to ask that question to, as I bet many of you ladies are dying for a drink right now!)

3. Fitness kick: Seeing Caroline continue getting regular exercise has been inspiring to say the least. She’s still playing tennis twice a week and also going to the occasional jazzercize class. Given that I’m not actually pregnant, it really left me no excuse to not step up my commitment. Plus, at age 41, I’ll be an older dad, and with four of them running around already, I’ve certainly been showing my age lately. So I figure that totally committing to exercise is the very best way to look and feel younger. (Coincides nicely with the whole no-booze thing.)

4. Perspective: Though I began this post by lamenting the fact that we weren’t exactly over-the-moon excited about this pregnancy, a fantastic perspective has accompanied that fact. It’s a perspective which can only be gained through repetition, and I hope by expressing it, I don’t come off the wrong way. Put simply, it’s this:

This time around, Caroline and I totally appreciate the significance of her pregnancy as it relates to the rest of the world. We’re no longer rookies who mistakenly feel as if the very future of Planet Earth is dependent upon the welfare of our baby. Therefore, we’re not transporting Caroline around in a bubble, dishing out mean looks for people who fail to realize she’s with child or obsessing over this pregnancy to an unhealthy degree.

And, um, a lot of people do that.

5. Love: But the greatest thing about this pregnancy is the same thing that’s great about every pregnancy. Though universal, it’s still unique to each pregnancy, and that thing is love. My love for Caroline has never been truer, nor has my love ever been truer for my children. And love is one of those funny things that never gets used up. In fact, the more of it you dish out, the more you receive back, which in turn gives you even more to continually dish out.

Before the triplets were born, I used to wonder how I’d be able to love them as effectively as I loved Alli. After all, we’d go from one to four children in the blink of an eye. I was worried there’d not be enough of me to go around. But that worry was silly. Because love is infinite. And infinity divided by any number is still infinity.

Which means there’s a whole bunch of it waiting for you, Grande Finale.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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