The Baby Section Is Taunting Me


baby models I worked with a girl in college who wasn’t engaged or even dating anyone yet she already owned her wedding dress. And no, it wasn’t one of those passed down through the family type things. I always thought this was crazy but then I realized I was starting to veer in that direction. Not with wedding things (that day has come and gone) but with baby things.

I’ve actually done pretty good. I have one little DU Law shirt, a hopeful purchase made when my husband graduated, and a print that would look really great in a nursery. Oh, and I kind of have the color schemes for the nursery picked out to. And ideas for a the birth announcement…

I have one friend who likes to buy cute baby clothes on clearance and she has a whole drawer full of things now. Although I’ve been tempted when the baby section is taunting me with it’s cuteness, I’ve resisted. Not because I think it’s crazy, more because I don’t have room to store it and our money needs to go to more important things right now (ahem, getting the baby here in the first place).

So tell me, do you own any baby things even though you’re not pregnant?

image: Gap