The Best Babymoon Vacation Advice


I want to end this babymoon series with one of the smartest pieces of babymoon advice I’ve heard.

Although I’ve been advocating for the babymoon cruise — mostly because there are so many different types of vacations that a cruise can be — there’s one general rule of thumb in deciding where to vacation during your pregnancy:

What will you miss most during those early baby months?

If you’ll miss sleeping in and relaxing, take a trip where you can sleep in, lounge around, and indulge in spa treatments.

If you’ll miss the get-up-and-go spontaneity, choose a more adventurous vacation where you can jump from excursion to excursion. Or where you can enjoy live entertainment like concerts. Get it out of your system now!

If you’ll miss your quiet time, where you can read and meditate in peace, then go to a quiet secluded location.

If you’ll miss the romance, plan a romantic getaway.

If you’ll miss traveling, plan a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go — or better yet, plan a European cruise where you can stop at a number of cities and countries in one vacation.

Isn’t that smart? What kind of vacation would you want?

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