The Best (Craziest, Creepiest) Baby Shower Cakes Ever!


The miracle of life. Or, the miracle of marzipan?

I don’t bake myself but as a lover of the arts I find the hyper-real/wax-museum/Duane Hanson cake-sculpting trend very intriguing. (In fact, this Duane Hanson sculpture would make a great–if a little foreboding– baby shower cake.)

A friend made the most amazing engorged breasts cake for my shower. It was very funny and tasty with all kinds of ganaches and fondants involved. Recently some ambitious foodie people I know made a flip-flop cake for their six year-old’s birthday. They– like all the other crazy bakers I know– said, “it’s actually really easy.”

Giving birth looks easier to me than this:

But here’s one I could probably handle baking and it’s so elegant!

And did you know about DIAPER CAKES?

I had no idea! I am so sheltered! Judging from the endless how-to videos on you tube, this is a huge trend. Basically, you make a decorative cake out of diapers. Not edible. This one uses 56 diapers! I hope the diapers can be saved and used, that’s a lot of diaper for decor alone. I don’t know. Having just potty trained my youngest and ended six years of diaper buying, changing and disposal, I have very little affection for the things.

I’d rather eat a marzipan baby or slice into a big ganache belly.

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