The Best Way To Roll Over While Sleeping In Your Third Trimester [VIDEO]

Stop doing this! There's a BETTER way!

Let’s talk sleeping in the third trimester home stretch of pregnancy (I am 35 weeks today).

Insomnia and frequent peeing aside, when I am able to get a few hours of good sleep, I end up waking up to sore joints in need of a new position.  Of course the only available positions are right side and left side.  Rolling over used to take a profound amount of strength, momentum, motivation, and oftentimes help from my spouse. UNTIL I figured out this handy little trick, learn what I learned in a 2 minute video after the jump.


Rolling over the old-fashioned way causes all kinds of strain on your already tired and achy body.  Just try this maneuver tonight and let me know how it works out for you.  I thought of this while doing cat/cow yoga poses (also known as “pelvic rocking”) and one night it dawned on me to try it at night.

Do you have any pregnancy tip or tricks that have worked for you?