The Bump Vs. The Snow


That picture right there… That is my back deck… with a ton of snow on it. I have been battling with it off and on trying to clear it off praying it doesn’t collapse from the weight of all the snow we have got.  Not your typical winter in Connecticut either.

The record for snow fall in January seems to be somewhere around the 21 inches mark. This January we have gotten 41.8 inches where I live. Thank you Mother Nature!

But my biggest gripe is being pregnant and dealing with all of this snow. All I keep hearing from everyone is that I shouldn’t be shoveling, or I should make some kind of fun indoor activity for the boys to do, which mind you, they are starting to go crazy being inside… I just may scream.

It could be a whole 3 degrees outside, and the boys want to go out and play, so the three + feet of snow that is officially taller than my youngest child is certainly putting a cramp into our house.

But the worst part now is the fact that the never-ending snow is starting to interfere with my midwives appointments. I was supposed to be driving 25 minutes north today for my monthly check up. Instead, I am snowed in… again, and slowly shoveling the spots my husband couldn’t get to at 4am before he made his way in a blizzard to work. Thanks to his company for the extra half hour to get to work… real helpful!

One of the biggest problems and scariest to me is all the ice that is under the snow. As I get my cardio workout for the day slowly and carefully shoveling, I wonder when I am going to slide and bust my ass on the ice.

I am kind of over being pregnant in the winter time. While I love the big clothes I can hide in and not feel huge and pregnant… I am over the dangerous weather that makes leaving the house virtually impossible for me!

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