The Cuter Side of Hospital Life

Being in the hospital with a sick baby is inconvenient, at best, and on the harder days, it is easy to forget the good parts of this chapter of life. While Elvie is getting a lot of tests done and has to have some procedures that are uncomfortable, there are still a lot of moments in the day to enjoy each other’s company and to get to know Elvie more and more. As she gets better, more of her personality emerges. We have a very good baby on our hands, and even though she is not at her best yet, she is still the cutest baby we know. We’ve taken a lot of phone photos of her while we are here, and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share the cute part of our hospital stay along with the challenging parts. Keep Elvie and her healing in your thoughts, but in the meantime, just enjoy the cute!


  • The Day She Was Admitted 1 of 12
    The Day She Was Admitted
    She looks tired and sick, but still pretty cute.
  • Zinashi is Elvie’s Favorite Visitor 2 of 12
    Zinashi is Elvie's Favorite Visitor
    Even if it's just for a few minutes each day, I love seeing both my cute girls together.
  • After a Bath 3 of 12
    After a Bath
    She looks distressed because she hates baths.
  • Learning to Stick Out Her Tongue 4 of 12
    Learning to Stick Out Her Tongue
    Once the medication started to work on her thrush and other infections, she felt well enough to eat more, and therefore had more energy to learn new skills. She is becoming quite the mimic.
  • A Good Hair Day 5 of 12
    A Good Hair Day
    Some days she wakes up, and her baby mohawk is just perfect.
  • Her Favorite Toy 6 of 12
    Her Favorite Toy
    She prefers to snuggle with her lamby blanket, but when it comes to playing, the package of face wipes I brought to make my mornings easier wins every time. So I guess it makes my afternoons easier, too, since it gives me a very happy baby.
  • Drifting Off to Sleep 7 of 12
    Drifting Off to Sleep
    At nighttime, she likes to be wrapped into her blanket like it's a nest, and she wants to hold onto her lamb's ear to fall asleep.
  • Starting to Grow Some Serious Cheeks 8 of 12
    Starting to Grow Some Serious Cheeks
    They're coming, and they are going to be spectacular. This is after less than a week of work.
  • Discovering Balloons 9 of 12
    Discovering Balloons
    Elvie far exceeded her weight gain goal for the day on Monday, and the medical team brought me balloons to reward me for staying up all night feeding the baby. Elvie was entranced.
  • Playing is Exhausting! 10 of 12
    Playing is Exhausting!
    She figured out how to make the owl rattle by pushing it around her lap, and it was so tiring that she fell asleep within two minutes of completing the task.
  • Silly Faces Do Not Amuse Her 11 of 12
    Silly Faces Do Not Amuse Her
    She couldn't figure out what I was doing with my face; she prefers when I make funny sounds instead. Funny faces are just confusing.
  • Our Happy Baby 12 of 12
    Our Happy Baby
    As she feels better, she smiles more. She truly is a happy baby; she just needed to feel better and eat more to have the energy to show us.

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