The Cutest Labor and Delivery Gown Ever


I’ve seen so many different labor and delivery gowns for sale – all doing a great job of style-ifying the labor process and making those post-delivery pictures a whole lot cuter. But today I came across this gown and am SO happy I did!

Have you ever seen one so stylish? The Labor & Delivery Gown by Pretty Pushers (such a cute  name too!) opens in the front for fetal monitoring, is low in the back to accomodate the epidural you may or may not get, and sports a halter style that makes nursing super easy and allows for skin to skin contact. The pic on the left is the I Dream of Sushi style, they also have the adorbs I Dream of Mai Tais and solid colors like pink, black and even a white ruffly 100% Organic Cotton one for my crunchy mamas. Plus sizes are available on some of the colors too!

It’s certainly not an essential need, but it’s just fun sometimes when labor gets long and you are stuck walking the halls of the maternity ward and you can be comfortable and still a little bit cute.  After delivery pictures will never be the same!

**Nichole has a great roundup of other cute delivery gowns here, and I see she includes the Pretty Pushers! Great pick!