The Difference Three Weeks Make

Definitely looking further along than I was last time, and pretty happy about it ... for now.

Has it really been nearly three weeks since I posted this little rant? And also since I posted the accompanying photo? Things are changing, and fast. And I’m as ready for it as I was then.

I can’t button my shorts—I haven’t even tried my jeans, and don’t really want to—and jersey is quickly becoming my fabric of choice, from T-shirts to skirts. As soon as it cools down, I’m sure leggings will become part of the I-just-want-to-be-comfortable equation too.

Yesterday a new acquaintance told me she thought I just looked “full,” not pregnant. (I had just eaten 2 cups of frozen yogurt.) At any rate, her comment made me laugh because I think I’m definitely starting to look pregnant. Shirts with ruching on the sides really help expose that belly roundness, if you ask me, and I like these ones from Target.

Maybe the second trimester is where it’s at, after all. I’m definitely showing progress, and I’m feeling pretty good these days.

19 weeks


22 weeks
























How is the second trimester treating you? When did you feel your belly pop?