The Emergence of a Bump


Something strange happened last week. I went to bed on Tuesday night looking exactly as I have for the past several years, minus the new gigantic pregnancy boobs. That part wasn’t strange. I woke up on Wednesday with the very first appearance of a baby bump. That was a total surprise. But considering all the stretching pain I’ve had in the past few weeks, it probably shouldn’t be.

Now, I know, it is not a big bump, I am aware of this. And I have already been told like 10 times that people who are not pregnant look more pregnant than me, but well, they can’t kill my excitement. I have waited for decades for this experience and it feels every bit as magical and surreal as I always imagined it would.

The bump is much too small for strangers to notice, or if they did, it would be too small to assume anything at this point. But I did have a friend comment on it out of the blue the other day. And that was pretty cool because it means that I’m not the only one who is noticing this change. It may be a small bump, but it’s there if you’re looking.

Absolutely none of my pre-pregnancy pants fit anymore, except for sweats and yoga pants, and those only fit if I wear them low now, because my circumference has definitely increased, even if it isn’t in a well defined obvious pregnancy bump yet.

Since I noticed the emergence of the bump I find myself looking in mirrors everywhere I go and unconsciously rubbing my tiny little baby bump all the time. I know that makes me sound like I am the most self-absorbed person in the world, but it’s more just that I think this is the coolest thing that has ever happened. And secretly I’m a little afraid it’s going to go away. Clearly I am entirely sane about the whole situation.

I know that all too soon I’m going to be tired from lugging around the weight and the belly is going to stop being adorable and start being a bit of a burden, but for now, I just feel like I actually have a touch of that legendary pregnancy glow. Instead of feeling fat, I feel feminine. I feel like though everything has softened, it is still beautiful in a way I didn’t really realize before.

I guess I always knew that pregnancy was going to result in big changes to my body, but I didn’t know how much I was going to love it.