The End Is Near And I Can't Wait!

By week 38 of a pregnancy, it’s safe to say that most women are uncomfortable. Your torso is entirely given over to your uterus and you’ve lost most of your typical range of motion. Even simple things like getting in an out of bed require some forethought and planning, which can be an issue when you’re trying to rush to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself wistfully dreaming of things you’ll do once you get your waist back – and I don’t mean the pretty little whittled-down waist that celebrities use to show off their post-partum fitness prowess. I’m talking about the waist that bends easily. The one that allows you to put on socks without resembling a Cirque du Soleil performer. Just being able to bend down to pick up a dropped pen seems like an exotic pleasure at this point in pregnancy.

I have moments during the day where I stare off into space and you can be pretty sure that I’m thinking of something I’m looking forward to post partum. There are a million little things that will be easier when I’m not pregnant any anymore, plus all of those forbidden foods that I haven’t had in so long. I can’t wait to taste bleu cheese and bend over to weed my garden, you know?

Here are a few of the things I’m really looking forward to after birth!

  • The Baby! 1 of 8
    The Baby!
    Seriously, the baby is the best part of the end of pregnancy. My husband and I are both champing at the bit to meet our new little person and get down to the serious business of baby snuggles.
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  • Losing the Bump, Gaining Access to the Sink 2 of 8
    Losing the Bump, Gaining Access to the Sink
    We don't have a dishwasher so we wash dishes the old fashioned way. I wash them standing at an angle so my arms can reach the sink without my belly getting in the way. Even so, I end up splashed all down my bump just from cleaning up after dinner.
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  • image-1338 3 of 8
    No, not my garden. My bikini line. I like to keep things neat and trim in the summer, for the sake of other people at the pool. But I can't even see the critical area, much less reach all the way around to get the grooming tools into the right spot. And since flying blind seems like a bad idea, I'm au natural until after birth.
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  • Sleeping On My Back Instead of My Side 4 of 8
    Sleeping On My Back Instead of My Side
    OMG, I am SO tired of sleeping on my side. Sleeping on my back seems downright luxurious. Sleeping on my stomach would be pure bliss but that's a ways off because I know from experience that I can't put weight on nursing breasts. Alas. But sleeping on my back will be a real joy!
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  • Getting My Lap Back 5 of 8
    Getting My Lap Back
    I have about 40% less lap than usual but my 4 year old still wants to cuddle there 100%. I can't wait to be able to have a full contact cuddle with my big boy!
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  • Breaking Up With My Body Pillow 6 of 8
    Breaking Up With My Body Pillow
    Speaking of sleep positioning, I am ready to ditch my body pillow. It's been great to have the bump support in the night but it's (literally) coming between me and my husband. No offense to body pillows everywhere, but my husband is a more appealing sleep partner.
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  • Choosing Foods for Taste, Not Heartburn Quotient 7 of 8
    Choosing Foods for Taste, Not Heartburn Quotient
    I was letting myself have the occasional soda as an afternoon pick me up until I realized that a can of Coke at 2pm meant heartburn for the rest of the day and into the night. I'm more than ready to retire my Tums and eat what I like again!
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  • Wine! 8 of 8
    Yes. Wine. I want a glass of wine. Or a beer. Or a margarita. I'm not picky. It's summer and one of those drinks would taste good. It might also get me so drunk that I wind up asleep in my chair before I can finish it but it would be worth it!
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What are you looking forward to after pregnancy?

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