The Final Stage: Hope


yellow balloon Well I’ve just been a pocketful of sunshine this week now haven’t I? I know that addressing the topic of the hard stages and emotions that infertility brings isn’t a feel good read but I find that it’s been helpful for me to recognize and relate this week. And I hope it’s helped some of you too.

The last stage of acceptance is absolutely vital. It’s the only time of the month where you get that powerful surge of hope. The point where you say, “Yes! We can do this!” and truly believe that this is the month. This is when your thinking is at its clearest and where you feel most like yourself.

For me this occurs after we’re certain we’ve done all that we can that month and are experiencing the two week wait. While I’m anxious to take a pregnancy test, those two weeks are great because you really have hope that you’re pregnant. It’s maddening but probably the most upbeat time of the month. Because you think that it can be.

When the pregnancy test shows that blasted negative sign, that’s when that hope fades and you begin the five stages again. It’s a never ending cycle until maybe one day a pregnancy occurs and all that time you’ve been waiting was worth it.

I can’t wait.

image: Hallie Burton

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