The First Moments, Captured Forever.


During my first two deliveries, aside from the doctor and a few nurses, it was only my husband and I alone in the birthing room. No family members, no friends, no attending med students. We were very private people, and this was a very intimate event.

With my son, I decided to approach birth differently. Because of some past circumstances, I really desired to have an unmediated birth. So, I hired a doula to help me though the delivery. She was a “stranger” in the sense that she wasn’t a friend or family member, but knew I needed in order to get through such a physically challenging event.

I also decided I wanted to have one of my best friends photograph the birth.

Both hiring the doula and letting my friend into the delivery room stretch my husbands and I’s comfort zone a bit, sharing this intimate private life moment with other people. But no doubt about it, we made the right choice.

This time around, I’ve already hired the very same doula I had for my son, and yes, my friend Casey will again be photographing this birth as well. (She also photographed my gender reveal, which I looooooove.)

Because there is no way I would ever want to forget these moments:

  • A tight grip. 1 of 14
    A tight grip.
  • So proud, I finally have a son. 2 of 14
    So proud, I finally have a son.
  • Come to Mama… 3 of 14
    Come to Mama...
  • The magical first hold, priceless. 4 of 14
    The magical first hold, priceless.
  • He’s really mine? 5 of 14
    He's really mine?
  • Ugh, I’m never letting go. 6 of 14
    Ugh, I'm never letting go.
  • Born into such love. 7 of 14
    Born into such love.
  • Yes. This really just happened! 8 of 14
    Yes. This really just happened!
  • Peaceful. 9 of 14
  • Calling Grandma with the good news. 10 of 14
    Calling Grandma with the good news.
  • A father and son. 11 of 14
    A father and son.
  • The littlest grip. 12 of 14
    The littlest grip.
  • Pure bliss. Total happiness. 13 of 14
    Pure bliss. Total happiness.
  • My doctor, my doula, my team. 14 of 14
    My doctor, my doula, my team.

I absolutely adore looking back at these photos, and I can’t wait to have this birth similarly documented as well.

How about you? Do you plan on having your birth photographed?

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