The Good News About The World Ending On May 21, 2011


When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I, like most couples starting a family, worried. Mostly about money. Once, when the conversation turned to college tuition my husband said something along the lines of, “Well, it doesn’t matter because by then we’ll be running across the burning fields of Connecticut [where, strangely, we don’t live or have reason to visit] fleeing the apocalypse anyway.”

Our Speilbergian end-of-the-world fantasy was comforting in the face of things like savings and mortgages. To this day, when one of mentions the “burning fields of Connecticut” the other knows it’s time to get some perspective.

It occurred to me that were I starting my family this year, the news that the world will “start” to end on May 21, 2011 might have been fodder for some marital stress relief. Maybe some of you relate? Those fields may just be a blaze, so make sure to get a fire-proof diaper bag and really tough baby sling. At least you won’t have to scare up half a million for college.

The prediction comes from Harold Camping, a Christian radio broadcaster who originally thought that the return of Christ would take place in 1994, but then adjusted the date to May, 2011 due to “some miscalculations.” May 21st will mark the beginning of the rapture, according to his new numbers, and by October of 2011 the world will actually end.

But don’t let it get it you down.

You’re pregnant. You may be starting a family. You’ve got a lot to look forward to, tuition anxieties be damned. Maybe we can turn to some other mystical thoughts instead? Like the fact that 2011 is the Year of The Rabbit according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar. This means you can look forward to having a slightly introverted, private child who is, nevertheless, very friendly. The rabbit is apparently a lucky sign. And people born in the Year of The Rabbit are good teachers and communicators as long as, according to one website, they get “their own space.”

So, unless you derive genuine comfort from the idea that it’ll all end and be out of your control anyway, ignore this May 21st nonsense. And think, perhaps, more about how you can provide some nice healthy boundaries for your baby rabbit.

photo: bram and vera/flickr