The 20 Most Ridiculous | Weird Mother & Baby Products of All Time


Well now I’ve seen it all and I’ve just got to share it with you. From creepy fake hands to hold your baby to toddler urinals, what on earth are we buying this stuff for?

Having children is expensive enough without buying into the mass-consumerism of ridiculous products out there claiming to make your/their life easier. For the love of all that is sweet and innocent!

You want bizarre? Go buy something some kinky, role-play Star-Trek costume. You want ridiculous? Buy a whoopie cushion. Want to just spend money? Buy a pair of sexy designer shoes. But please, please don’t buy any of this stuff as as claim to necessity. If you value your child’s future independence and play-ground reputation.

It’s not just the baby-stuff that has got us by the kahuna’s as Meredith wrote about earlier today.

Baby / Mama Products and gear that are a total waste of time and money…


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