The Nesting Has Officially Begun


It hits nearly every pregnant woman during the last trimester. The urgency to organize the spice rack, the refrigerator and maybe even grab a toothbrush to spot clean the bathroom. Yep, I’m talking about nesting and I’m fully engulfed in it.

My family and I came home from our long two day drive back from Florida on late Sunday night. Although I was completely exhausted from the long drive, I noticed that I fully had the urge to begin taking all of the Christmas decorations down and away. Rather than getting some much needed rest, I gave into temptation and took them down. But that wasn’t the end of it for the night.  We have a large bookshelf with hundreds of books that were completely unorganized. Notice I used past tense on that last sentence. That is because after the Christmas decorations were taken down, I really thought it was imperative that all of the books needed to be put in order based on their topic.  So that is what I did for the next two hours until the wee hours of the morning.

If that doesn’t make my nesting instincts sound bad, I’m afraid they’ve gotten even worse.

I remember nesting settling in towards the middle of my third trimester during my first pregnancy, but I don’t think it ever got this bad. I wanted to get the nursery ready and make sure it was perfect before she came home from the hospital, but I don’t ever remember the urge to get out a toothbrush and scrub like I’ve been having lately.

In the three days that we’ve been home since vacation, there hasn’t been one that has passed that I haven’t spent time organizing or scrubbing something. Yesterday it was the girl’s room, today it was the kitchen.  My husband mentioned last night that all of this cleaning is making him anxious. He always gets that way when I clean because he feels that he needs to help me in some way.  I definitely don’t think it’s necessary for him to help and at this point, I would much rather do it myself and my way rather than have him do it a way that I don’t “deem fit.” Yes, I have a certain way that I want everything cleaned.  Have I really turned into a crazy cleaning pregnant lady?

I think most of the crazy nesting is due to the fact that we live in a much smaller space than we did with my first pregnancy and it’s finally starting to settle in that we will have four people and two dogs living in a small NYC apartment very soon. With all of the baby items that we need to get out of storage, I know that it’s only going to make the apartment feel even smaller, so I want to make as much room as I can for that. If that means throwing away unnecessary items (which was the case yesterday in my daughter’s room,) then that’s the way I’m going to do it.

I only hope that within the next 8 weeks before the baby comes that I can get the entire apartment completely spotless before my life gets just a little bit more chaotic!

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