The Only Baby Book I've Read So Far


baby name book Alright, you’ve just found out you’re pregnant so you jump on Amazon to order a few books to prepare yourself. What is the first one you reach for? Most people’s answer would be a classic pregnancy encyclopedia like What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but my first (and only choice so far) was Beyond Ava and Aiden: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby. Goes to show what my main concern is.

Why I loved this book: instead of just having long, drawn-out lists of names divided by gender this book dives into topics like the image and style of particular names. Think subtitles like: Vintage Chic, Just Josies, So Far Out They’re In and Girly Girl Names. And just for fun: The Craziest Starbaby Names, Uncool Names and Yupster Names. And I like that it’s actually readable from front to back unlike so many baby name books that read more like a dictionary.

And now you’re probably wondering if we’ve decided on a name yet. Nope, but our list is much better thanks to this book.

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