The Pain I Didn't Expect

Holy Shooting Pain Batman!

It came out of nowhere and practically rendered me useless. The sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen stopped me in my tracks and left me clutching my side. I could barely breathe as I leaned over the dresser wondering what it was and when it would stop. Getting from one end of the bedroom to the other was a slow moving process. Climbing up onto the bed was even more difficult.

The pain went on for about ten minutes. Then just like that it was gone.

I don’t remember having those kind of gut wrenching pains with my first pregnancy. I had no idea what it was or if it was common until I mentioned it on Facebook. But my friends knew.

It was Round Ligament Pain.

Round ligaments surround your uterus and during pregnancy these ligaments stretch and thicken as a  support mechanism for your growing uterus. That process can apparently cause pain. As with most pregnancy related discomfort, rest is supposedly the best method to relieve the pain. If possible lying on your side and bringing your knees towards your chest is supposed to help as well. Not so sure how easy that is to do at seven months pregnant but I’m willing to give it a try.

I think my body is more sensitive to the aches and pains of uterine growth because I’ve been pregnant before. My OB-GYN had told me early on that some of the pain I was experiencing during my first trimester was due to the fact that my ligaments were shifting. I was noticing this shift more this time around because they had been through that change once before and were now moving and stretching again—in a slightly different way.

Have you experienced round ligament pain? Did it take you by surprise or was it something you were already aware might happen?