The Perfect Gift for Dads-To-Be: A Pregnancy Dress

Now available in male sizes, too

Let’s face it: unless you’ve carried around another life (plus an extra 20-60 pounds and unrepentant heartburn) for nine months, it’s hard to know what it feels like to be pregnant.

Which is why it can be hard for some men to always relate emotionally and physically to what women go through in the beautiful yet oftentimes trying times that they’re trying hard (although usually with little success) to not complain about how tough it is to be with child.

A Japanese researcher from the Japanese Advanced Institute of Sciences and Technology is attempting to take some of the mystery out of pregnancy for men with a new dress that simulates that magic time.

The pregnancy dress for men uses a 4-liter bag of warm water to mimic the sensation of carrying a fetus. The baby movements are simulated with a lining of 45 balloons that expand and contract on occasion. And the baby’s wiggling is simulated using a strategically timed grid of air actuators and vibrations.

Unfortunately the dress does not also simulate constipation, insomnia, morning sickness, labor pains or the irritation brought on by strangers touching or commenting on the size of your belly. And unfortunately it’s only available in dress form, which means the likelihood of most men wearing it is slim to no way in hell. But it’s a nice idea anyway.

Would you buy this dress for your husband or partner?

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