The Pregnancy Diaries


I came across an incredible photo series over on–It’s called “Walk To 40 Weeks” and it’s the weekly documentation of a pregnancy from 4 months to birth.

From what I can tell this is Peter and Trish–and eventually their baby–Leo’s story. In each picture Trish is shown “walking towards” the birth of her son. Accompanying the pictures are brief diary entries in the form of letters from Trish to Leo.

The photographs are gorgeous not just because they are literally gorgeous but because the expecting mom is captured in alternately pensive and carefree modes. Also, in each picture there are two Trishes, in one (above)  there are three. I’m reading this to mean that each woman is really many women; during pregnancy this has a special poignancy. Kudos to the photographer.

There are a bunch of pictures after the jump. The entire diary can be seen at Pacing The Panic Room (scroll down to the slide show); it’s pretty inspiring.

The artist also documented his wife Cole’s pregnancy with their daughter Tessa Tangerine.

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