The Pregnancy Sweet Spot

The Pregnancy Sweet SpotBefore you experience pregnancy for the first time you have a lot of ideas about what it’s going to be like. And then you actually get pregnant …and it’s a whole new ball game.

When I was pregnant the first time around I sort of naively assumed that I would have a cute, little, round belly pretty early on. The reality: I didn’t even start to show remotely until at least 18-20 weeks.

For those first 20 weeks my appearance was that of a woman who had eaten one too many burritos. I was too big for my regular clothes and too small for maternity clothes. No one could tell I was pregnant except me and to everyone else I just looked chubby.

Then my belly magically appeared one day and it was wonderful. People could finally tell I was pregnant and I looked forward to the rest of my pregnancy with a cute little baby bump.

Well … for anyone that’s ever been pregnant before you probably know that things didn’t go as I had imagined. I learned the hard way that pregnancy has a “sweet spot” … one that lasts only a few short months before you start looking very puffy and beached whale-esque.

So to recap, here’s what pregnancy looked like for me:

Months 1-5: Appearance – chubby girl who really loves burritos. Symptoms – Nausea, sore boobs, extreme fatigue, the usual…

Months 5-7: Appearance – cute, little, round belly. Glowing skin and nice hair. Symptoms – none worth mentioning.

Months 7-9: Appearance – like one of those floats in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Hair/face was a total hot mess. Symptoms – Adema, extreme fatigue (again), sore boobs (again), tons of weird aches and pains, and PUPPS.

Yes. You read that correctly. Out of those 9 months in which I carried human life, there was basically a two month window when pregnancy looked great on me and I felt fantastic and wonderful and had energy. That’s 22% of my pregnancy. Not a wonderful percentage. I’m not complaining … just stating facts. The pregnancy “sweet spot” is a real thing you guys.

I have currently arrived at month five of my second pregnancy and am basking in this “sweet spot”. I feel good. I look pretty cute. And I can still sort of sleep at night. I’m remembering to stop and celebrate the little things this time around.

Here’s to cute, round baby bumps! … While they last.

Article Posted 2 years Ago
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