The Amnio Results Are In


If I was to say that Little Miss A hasn’t already given us a run for our money… I would totally be lying.  The third trimester has been slightly hellish and something I never expected. Between ultrasounds, and amnios… I am totally spent emotionally, and physically.

I have been waiting for the full results of the amnio we had done on the 16th of March, and to say the month hasn’t been stressful would be again, a giant lie.

Finally after a month of waiting Monday I got the full results of the amnio after calling and hounding the office three times. Of course I couldn’t speed up the growing of the cells in little petrie dishes, but if I could have harassed them too, I would have.

All-in-all we found out that there is not only no infection in my uterus, but that Little Miss A is in perfect health, with no type of chromosomal abnormalities that may have been making her smaller, or  preventing her from thriving in utero.  Right now she is still behind, and they are still concerned and ordering ultrasounds up the wazoo, my next one being Wednesday of next week… but I am just taking it one day at a time.

Frankly, I am expecting a peanut of a little girl, I am not a big person, standing at a whole four feet, 10 inches tall… I am not expecting to give birth to a nine pound little girl after two boys in the low-mid seven pound ranges.   We certainly will see how big she is in three weeks though!

On another note… 3 weeks?  WOW!
20 days from today, I will go from a mother of two… to a mother of three!