The Second Kid Always Gets Screwed


I’ve been meaning to post this video I made when I was expecting my daughter.  First time motherhood.  Such a glowing, dreamy time during which you want to document every, single happening.

Aside from all the puking.

I haven’t done any documenting this time around.  An excellent  example of how the second child gets totally screwed.

When I was younger I found all the baby books my mom kept for me and my three brothers.  My oldest brother’s book was brimming with pithy commentary describing what an adorable child he was, locks of hair, even baby teeth.  Mine was half filled.  My youngest brother’s book was still in the plastic wrapping.

I loved documenting being pregnant with Violet.  But this time, perhaps because I’m so much bigger, I just hate having my photo taken.  Which is totally selfish, I know!  It isn’t about me, it’s about my little guy.  I need to get my act together and start documenting this special time whether I enjoy photographic evidence of my double chin or not.

The aforementioned video of the first pregnancy is after the jump.