The Secret to Natural Weight Loss Starts With ... Pregnancy!


I have struggled with weight for a few years — I am not terribly unhappy, but know that I could use some toning and could do just fine losing a handful (or two) of weight. Weight gain and how to lose the pounds are on the minds of a lot of pregnant mamas as we see the scale number creep up while growing our babies. It can be a thorn in our side worrying about how to lose the 30 – 40 pounds we gain healthily for the sake of our kids.

Well, the hilarious guys at How to Be a Dad have found the secret to quick, natural weight loss. Yes, all natural, all safe (& maybe a little painful).  According to them all it takes is a little sperm and you’re set with a “bonafide, time-tested system that has been working for women for years”.

Click through to see the hilarious video and the biggest tip on how to quickly and naturally lose weight:

:: How much did your baby weigh at birth? ::

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