The Strangest Baby Name Rules


the glow We all know the families where all their children’s names start with the same initial (even if there is 19 of them) but that name rule is modest compared to some.

I knew a family that named all of their children after US presidents: Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson and Reagan. I also knew a family where all of their children’s names had to start with ‘Mar’ – Marcus, Marcella, Marissa, Marshall. But these rules still seem modest compared to the strangest one I’ve heard yet from my cousin (warning: it sounds made up but it’s not). Her friend had three children and was pregnant with her fourth. The name restriction?

The first name had to be an animal and five letters and the middle name had to be five letters and start with a ‘J.’ Her three kids were already named Tyger James, Raven Jayne, and Hawke Jaxon. They were considering Saber or Fenix for the fourth. I’m not sure what they decided to go with but I’m glad I don’t put such tough restrictions on myself. Naming a baby is hard enough as it is.

What are some slightly strange baby name rules that you have or have heard from somebody else? I want to hear.

image: Kelly Stuart for The Glow

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