The Tale Of A Thousand Negative Pregnancy Tests


positive pregnancy test I was commiserating/laughing with a close friend the other day about taking pregnancy tests and how each time when the blasted negative sign shows up, we still convince ourselves that maybe it’s not accurate. The box does say there’s room for error, right? At least that’s what we hope when the result isn’t favorable.

To those who are trying to conceive, does this scenario sound familiar:

You wake up on or around day twenty-eight. You’ve been having PMS symptoms but you completely ignore them because they’re super close to pregnancy symptoms (tiredness, sore breasts, etc). You contemplate pulling out a stick and think of how crappy you’re going to feel if it’s negative but then you think of the flip side. Would if it’s positive?! This could be the best day of your life! Against your better judgement, you take the test and it almost instantly shows that you are indeed not pregnant. You are disappointed and head to the freezer of ice cream. Then, while you’re downing some Chunky Monkey, you convince yourself that pregnancy tests aren’t always accurate and resolve to take one in a couple of days if Aunt Flo hasn’t shown. You never do take the second test. It was accurate. Dream crushed, maybe next month.

I’ll tell you one thing, if I do ever get a positive sign, I’m going to have that stick mounted and hung above my mantle.

image: Clearblue Easy