The Top Baby Names of 2011 Released: Jacob and Sophia Top the Charts


The Social Security Administration just released their list of the most popular baby names in America for 2011. The number one names for boy and girl? Jacob and Sophia. The next two most popular? Mason and Isabella.

Old-fashioned names are still all the rage– Emma and Abigail, William and Daniel. The only new name in the top ten lists for both boys and girls is Mason, which made a big jump from #12 (2010) to #2 (2011).

The trend trackers over at Baby Name Wizard make this observation, “…take a look at the top boys’ names. Three of the top four, Jacob, Mason and Jayden, have the exact same vowel pattern. Then consider that Maci was the fastest-rising girl’s name of last year. Boy, was America ever ready for Mason.” Some other trends:
Harper moved up 64 spots (!) from #118 (in 2010) to #54 (in 2011). Aubrey (for a girl) made a big leap from #44 to #20. In the top 50 names for girls each of these names climbed at least 10 spots:  Brooklyn, Evelyn, Charlotte, Zoey, Audrey and Aaliyah.

There was no such mobility in the boy’s names, except for Liam which went from #30 in 2010 to #15 in 2011.
Oh, and Bentley went from #101 to #75.

Here’s the full list at Baby Name Wizard.

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