The Truth About Trying: Twitter Chat Takeaways

So many amazing many similar answers. Together, we can keep this conversation going...together, we can break the silence.

My experience with the infertility community has been nothing short of fabulous.

I’ve found support, kindness, and empathy beyond compare.

Being a part of The Truth About Trying, a project put forth by Redbook magazine and RESOLVE to raise awareness and encourage an open dialogue about infertility has been a remarkable experience.

Sharing my infertility journey here on Babble over the past seven months has been so important to me.

To reach other women who struggle and help them feel less alone is an amazing feeling.

Yesterday, in the Truth About Trying Twitter chat, so many of those who suffer from infertility came together to show their tremendous strength, honesty, and compassion for one another.

It was an hour that I’ll never forget.

I tweeted a handful of those who attended yesterday and asked them what their biggest take away was. Their responses were amazing…