The Ultimate Gift: Infertility and Friendship


As a child, I knelt by my bed each night and said my prayers. I can still recall the way my knees felt against the cool floor…the feel of my bedspread beneath my elbows. I prayed for such things as my mother’s health, a kitten, a trip to the playground.

Though I no longer kneel and pray each night, those quiet moments before sleep are still consumed with my hopes and dreams…the health of my family and my desire for another baby envelop me as I drift off.

Last night, as I always do before I finally close my eyes for the night, I reached for my phone one last time to check email.

And there in the quiet darkness of my room, with only the light from my phone, I was left completely speechless.

In my inbox was an email from a dear friend.

And within that email with an unfathomable offer.

Please follow me over to in these small moments to read her email


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