The Ultimate Mommy Brain Tattoo

The oxytocin molecule.

Now here’s a tattoo for the love-struck and/or mommy brained: It’s the chemical formula for oxytocin, the hormone that’s released during labor, breastfeeding, orgasm and when you fall in love. It’s sometimes called the bonding hormone due to its intense association with all things love and nurturing.


Laboring and new mothers are soaking in it. Dads get extra oxytocin, too: the more time a dad spends with a newborn, the higher the levels. Studies show that it tends to peak in dads at around five months postpartum. These cute babies literally draw it out in us!

I’ve read that pheromone-like substances are released from the baby’s fontanelle and when parents (and caregivers) inhale them, it triggers an increase in oxytocin. Here’s a larger image:


And if you don’t want to go with something quite so permanent, you could get this oxytocin necklace:

This oxytocin necklace is available at

The perfect gift for the birth junkie in your life 😉


Photo: Carlos Coreas

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