The Winner of the Great Crib Hunt is....


Selecting a crib was both exciting and stressful. The first time that my husband and I headed out to look at cribs, we nearly had a meltdown in Ikea. Is this crib safe enough? Sturdy enough? Pretty enough?!

Eventually, we realized that all new cribs must meet minimum safety guidelines, so we could be assured that any crib was fine. Whew. So it became less of a matter of safety and more of an issue of personal style… and price.

With some cribs costing well over $500, I knew that I wanted – and needed – to find a more affordable alternative.  I also wanted a crib that would convert into a toddler bed.

The winner of the great crib hunt is… 

The Graco Sarah 4-in-1 Classic Crib!

I love this crib because it came in four stylish colors (white, espresso, cherry, and cinnamon) and converts not only into a toddler bed, but also into a day bed and full-sized bed. Plus, the mattress has three adjustable heights.

The very best part? It retails on for less than $160.

Now, all I have to do is assemble it…

What crib did you choose and why?

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