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7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy


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    7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy Pregnancy is a battlefield littered with empty candy wrappers, old issues of trashy gossip mags and greasy takeout boxes. At least it is for me. If you're afraid of how you're going to survive the next nine months of nonstop peeing and puking without any sleep, click through these pages. I've listed 7 things that helped me survive an expanding backside, swelling feet and more life-growing side effects so that you too can find relief.

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    1: Pillows. Lots and Lots of Pillows

    7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy: Pillows. Lots and Lots of Pillows I required no less than five pillows to position myself in such a manner that sleeping might even be a possibility. Here’s the rundown: I needed one pillow for my head to use as I normally would, and a second pillow to wedge behind my back. And since lying on my side was my only option, I kept a pillow jammed behind me so that my entire body felt supported (you’ll need a pretty solid pillow for this). Then I needed a pillow just to keep my massive chest from careening downward in an extremely uncomfortable, hang-y fashion. I also needed a full pillow to shove between my thighs — it helps align achy hips and prevents your thighs from smooshing together. The fifth pillow? That’s a spare in case someone decides to take one of your pillows. You may be able to get away with four, if you get Bodymate Body Pillows.

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    2: Breathe Right Strips

    7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy: Breathe Right Strips Next to being just plain uncomfortable, the main detriment to happy sleeping while pregnant — at least for me — was the inability to breathe. Higher amounts of estrogen during pregnancy can contribute to swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and cause you to make even more mucous. On top of that, the amount of blood in your body increases, and your blood vessels expand during pregnancy, which can lead to swollen nasal membranes. It’s pretty much a no-win situation. So, instead of breathing through my mouth like a foghorn and waking up the whole house, I opted for a pack of Breathe Right strips.

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    3: Mini DVD Player

    7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy: Mini DVD Player Even with your cushy pillows and breathing aids, you’re still going to need more. (Somebody’s got to be honest with you.) By month seven, your hips will feel like they’re crumbling into dust; such is the pain of constantly sleeping on your side. What’s a girl to do when she can’t sleep but doesn’t want to lug her ever-expanding behind out to the living room? Get yourself one of these mini DVD players. Of course, you’ll need a DVD of every season of all your favorite shows to get the most out of it. (It was Seinfeld for me.) You can also go to Netflix and start watching Dexter. Or Six Feet Under. Or The Sopranos. Or Mad Men. Any one of these will keep you well-entertained in the wee hours. And they’re so amazingly good you may find yourself trying to stay awake. When you try to stay awake, inevitably, you fall asleep. See how that works?

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    4: Tylenol PM

    7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy: Tylenol PM Whenever those pillows, breathing strips and DVDs aren’t doing their job, pop some Tylenol PM. Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before taking any medications. Whenever I was ready to cut someone if I didn’t get some sleep, PM was there for me. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I was taking two a night. Not only will Tylenol PM help you get some much-needed shut-eye, it will also help relieve all those brutal aches and pains that start jack-hammering your body during that last trimester.

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    5: Jelly Beans with a Side of Us Weekly

    7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy: Jelly Beans with a Side of Us Weekly Gone are the days when you could let loose on a Friday night and drink your weight in Jagermeister. Now you’re fat, you don’t feel like going anywhere, and stupid cookie dough has raw eggs in it and they — whoever they are — said that you can’t have raw eggs (which still didn’t stop me from licking the batter out of the bowl while making a cake one day, but that’s just me). Every Friday night I would stock up on Jelly Belly candies and the latest Us Weekly (get a lifeline, er, subscription here) and party like a pregnant woman (on the couch).

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    6: Wendy's French Fries

    7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy: Jelly Beans with a Side of Us Weekly If I was having a really rough day, a trip to Wendy’s never failed to cheer me up. I know, I know, most of you will say McDonald’s French fries are superior, but I beg to differ. Those new Wendy’s natural-cut fries with the sea salt rocked my (pregnant) world. I’ll tell you a secret: I would buy two huge orders — one for the drive home and one for when I actually got home. Seriously. Think you could make it home without touching a fry? Here’s how that’ll play out: You’ll tell yourself it’s going to be one fry to taste, but then you’ll hit a red light and before you know it, half the box will be gone. Trust me, do what I say and order the two boxes. Yeah, I gained sixty pounds while pregnant, but those fries made it well worth it.

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    7: House Hunters

    7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy: Jelly Beans with a Side of Us Weekly No matter your god, thank him/her/it for HGTV. I could watch that stuff for days and days, pausing only to stock up on more French fries and candy. Set yourself up on the couch with everything in easy reach and converse with the television. “Who are these people who won’t buy a house if the fridge isn’t stainless steel?” And I love the inevitable “this room isn’t good for entertaining” — who’s throwing parties? I’ve lived in my house for nearly a year and I haven’t hosted a shindig yet. But listen, watch the show and, like my husband and me, speculate on the personal lives of the actual house hunters. This will provide a solid, nine-month distraction. Time flies when you’re being judgmental.

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