Time to Make 'The List': What Baby Gear Do I Need?


pacifierUm, did you know I having a baby in 5 weeks?! I don’t even know how that happened. It’s been months and months away for so long and BAM! Now I’ve got about a month. It occurred to me today that I have a very important TO DO this weekend: I need to start getting ready for this baby!

Many of my friends just assume that I’m all set with baby stuff for this third kid. Oh no no no. See, we moved from NYC to MA when my son was 9 months old and I was pretty confident we were done having kids, so I gave away or sold ALL my tiny baby stuff before our move. I’ve got no stroller, breastfeeding pillow, bouncy chair, or play mat. I know that a lot of that stuff isn’t absolutely necessary to have with a newborn. But I also have no pacifiers, burp clothes,  swaddle blankets, baby tub, bottles or breast pump–which are things I consider pretty essential!

I do have a car seat, thanks to a friend who gave me hers to use (not expired yet–score). And I have a small newborn-sized wardrobe for him because my friend used my son’s clothes for her baby this past year.

But, yeah, I don’t have much of anything else. Time to get collecting/shopping!

What baby gear do you consider essential to have those first few weeks?