To Epidural, Medicate or Naturally Birth - That is the Question

Epidural or No Epidural
Epidural, Natural Birth or Medicate - Which to choose!

While I still have a ways to go pregnancy wise – 13 weeks, the subject of medicating my birth was brought up by my doctor and this has me thinking each scenario. While the idea of pain control during what most say is the most painful experience you will go thru in your life sounds great. I’ve been thru the ringer with each scenario.

In case you haven’t been following along.

Birth 1 – Epidural

Birth 2 – Natural Birth

Birth 3 – Medicated

Each birth has been a well, experience. While my 1st birth has had me crying foul to epidurals for years, I am reminded that this is the most common pain control that mother’s use while in labor.  My natural birth was easy, but I am thinking that it was because I was a week past my due date and my water broke on it’s own. The medicated birth, while was nice because it was scheduled and what seemed simplified – suffered it’s own complications with feeling out of control and totally loopy after the baby was born.

Decisions, decisions. Anyway I go, I know the end result is a sweet little thing. And I guess they don’t call labor – labor for nothing. {Image source:}

Did You Epidural, Medicate or Naturally Birth Your Babies?