To Rest or To Ready? Countdown to Baby!

To Rest or Ready? That is today’s pregnancy question….

I am torn. This being kid #4, I know that after delivery the time will fly and sleep will be almost non-existent. But my body is in motion to ready for this child.

Do I stock up on groceries, finish the nursery, prep meals for post-baby, catch up on laundry or do I sleep? I have to thank God for the last few weeks as sleep has amazingly come easily. While I wouldn’t say I am in total comfort, I am consistently able to get 8+ hours a sleep at night. For anyone who is 30+ weeks pregnant that is amazing. (I am 38 weeks pregnant this week!)

With Baby #1, sleep was a joke. I was a new first-time mom and had no idea what I was doing. My little Z was a colic mess. I maybe averaged 4 cumulative hours for every 24 hours the first 6 months of her life.

Baby #2 was a dream. E was sleeping through the night at 3 weeks. We’re talking 5-6 solid hours. He ate well and life was good. By the time he was 6 weeks, 10 hours was the norm. Talk about an amazing baby!

Baby #3 was also colic. Izaiah gave me a nice run of 10 weeks with minimal sleep. Once colic calmed and we realized he needed way more food than we were giving him (he’s just a big eater!) – he slept. And we loved him even more.

Knowing what’s a head – I am trying to balance. The question to rest or to ready is constant. But the real test is to stop freaking out about if today is the day and embrace the now. (photo source:

Did You Struggle With Resting or Readying Before Your Baby Arrived?