Tolerating the Glucose Screening


Tomorrow morning I will do the one thing that I dread the most during pregnancy (yes, even more than giving birth,) the glucose screening.  I know many people that are completely unfazed by this test, and I wish I was one of them.

During my first pregnancy, all I can remember is hearing the horror stories from other women about how awful this “drink” tasted.  Many said it tasted like flat orange soda, others said cough syrup.  Either way, I heard nothing positive about the experience.

I remember walking into the stark, cold laboratory to take my test.  The nurse handed me the drink and told me to drink all of it within five minutes.  I was still dealing with pretty horrendous morning sickness at the time and wasn’t allowed to take my medicine that morning, so you can imagine what I looked like trying to gulp down this drink in only a matter of minutes. I wondered for the next hour if I could actually keep the drink down, yet somehow I managed, got my blood taken and was out of the door.

Now that I am living in New York City, it seems the test is done a bit differently than I had for my first pregnancy and I am hoping for a better experience.

At my last appointment my doctor explained to me that the glucose screening would be at my next visit.  Thinking that she was going to send me to a lab like I did previously, she surprisingly handed me the drink, told me to take it home, refrigerate it and take it before coming into my next appointment.

With a look of shock on my face, I asked her to repeat her instructions again because I didn’t understand that I could “enjoy” taking this test from the comfort of my own home and then come into her office.  She confirmed the “good” news and even told me to make a later appointment so that I could take my nausea medication first thing in the morning to help my stomach, yet not skew my results.

The test that I had come to loathe during my first pregnancy and was dreading this time, was starting to look a little bit better. The little orange bottle that has been sitting in my refrigerator for four weeks with my handwritten instructions on them, will be gone tomorrow morning. I am completely terrified of this drink and just looking at it makes me nauseous.  However, I am hoping that because I am at home and a little bit more relaxed that it will go down easier than last time.  A girl can only dream!

How did you tolerate the glucose screening?

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