Tomorrow May Bring Delivery


In the never ending roller coaster called my third pregnancy, it seems like none of us know what the next day is going to bring. Today that fact has me on edge.

Tomorrow I go for my last ultrasound of this pregnancy. I thought like last time around I wouldn’t have to worry about too many of them because there was no need, until Little Miss A started giving us some growth issues.  At my appointment on Friday in which I was 2 days shy of 37 weeks… my fundal height continued behind at 33 weeks.  I can say, this time around I am carrying a petite belly with hopes of just a petite little girl like me.

I am a small person all around.  Not even 5 feet tall… and when I was born, a whole 10 days overdue… I was a giant 6 pounds 3 ounces.   My hope is my daughter is taking after me, and not my 6 foot husband.

But it doesn’t ease my mind any. My mind won’t be at ease until around 2pm tomorrow when I walk out of the ultrasound appointment knowing if I have to go to the hospital and deliver my daughter, or if I can go home and continue being pregnant like I would like to do.

This ultrasound has been called the end of the road for the most part.  There have been so many ups and downs that if our daughter has fallen off the growth curve again, delivery will be necessary tomorrow.

Not only that but yesterday this little girl really wanted to send me into shock.  Half the day my normally super active fetus decided it was nap time.  After a ton of orange juice and a hand full of cookies I got a couple small but re-assuring movements so I could semi-relax.  She seems to be up and at ’em today, and I hope she stays that way.