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Top 10 Best and Worst Baby Shower Cakes

By arianne |

baby bottom baby shower cakeTalking about a possible baby shower got me all excited about the baby shower cake (should I have one). A few links into my search and I was not only smitten with the cake artistry out there (I mean WOW people), but I was also a bit creeped out by the baby shower cakes gone oh-so-wrong.

Here’s a roundup of the 10 best and worst baby shower cakes out there right now…


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Top Ten Best and Worst Baby Shower Cakes

Best: #5

I can't get over how heart-happy this Beatrix Potter cake makes me.

We’re just here to check out the swag, anyway — check out Babble’s picks  for baby shower presents!

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Arianne Segerman writes about homeschooling, autism and walking through grief after losing her daughter Mabel in 2010 on her blog Mabel and Riv. She blogged for the Parenting channels at Babble about pregnancy, motherhood and all things family.

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31 thoughts on “Top 10 Best and Worst Baby Shower Cakes

  1. Kim says:

    …I actually think the baby butt one is pretty funny…it’s something a few of my friends would do.

  2. arianne says:

    @Kim I know it may just be me, but the baby bum (espesh the feet) is too realistic!

  3. Kim says:

    @Arianne Yeah, I didn’t pay as much attention to the feet at first. It’s a little weird because it’s sort of a cross between realistic and cartoon-y. I think if it was super cartoon-y, it’s funny. But I can also totally understand not wanting to eat a babies butt:).

  4. Violeta Gill says:

    Main reason why I went to school to be a pasrty and baking chef is to make beautiful cakes! Baby shower and birthday cakes are my fav!

  5. Emily Porter says:

    this cake REALLY freaked me out…

  6. arianne says:

    @Emily – OH EM GEE. I had to click away before he cut so I don’t know if he did but EEEEP! ::shudder:: I think I’m a little traumatized… LOL!

  7. Michele says:

    @Emily – OMG! I had to click out of that too before he cut into it. I can’t believe someone thought that was a good idea for a cake.

  8. Michelle Megibben says:

    I wouldnt wanna eat the baby and the sleeping teddy cake, weird! Olivias cake is toooo much naybe put a blankir over her? lol eww!!

  9. Casey says:

    beautifully done.. but I dont think I could cut a body part off of a baby.. let alone eat it. Jeffrey Dahmer anyone?? yuck..

  10. Angela says:

    I think they all are great except for the Oliva Push cake and the teen pregnancy. The sleeping baby is so cute and the feet on the baby bottom one is so realistic. Wow!

  11. Nicole Becker says:

    The cake for Olivia is DISGUSTING!! Why would anyone make a cake like that???? WOW!!!!

  12. TJ says:

    If these are shocking, you should check out the Cake Wrecks blog. There are plenty of horrible baby shower cakes there.

  13. Sue says:

    Why is that the best cake?

  14. Cassandra says:

    I think the one of the baby butt & feet are really cute! Lol I think I would so have to get that one! But the one “Push Olivia push” Thats just not right! Whom ever would get that sort of a cake for a baby shower or that sort of cake at all is just Nasty!

  15. Karen says:

    Wow those are some nice cakes….. Well not all of them but I don’t want to say how hideous some are

  16. Betty says:

    I love the butterfly where did you finde them its cool i want it

  17. Shanny says:

    I actually think the baby bottom is the best one, I absolutely love the belly one, I think the burger on should be on worst.

  18. Shanny says:

    Last one is super disturbing, but I absolutely love the baby bum one, and the prego belly is too cute! I think burger one should be on worst

  19. Cherrie Marion says:

    They are all pretty bad looking cakes to me, I would’nt buy any of them for my baby shower or anyone elses baby shower either….

  20. Cathy says:

    ROTFLMAO…..I haven’t laughed that hard in years….the comments are just as d*amn funny as the cakes are…..

  21. just me says:

    I think the person who wrote this article has no sense of humor. I love the “bad” cakes as well (except the teenage “joke” – not funny).

  22. lauren says:

    the bad cakes are funniest

  23. Lisa says:

    Worst #1 GHETTO AS HELL!!!

  24. Jonah says:

    I may be in the minority here, but “Congratulations on your teen pregnancy” and Oliva’s cake are my favorites. They both made me laugh out loud. I can’t deny that the Beatrix Potter one is very cool, but if it was a baby shower for my friends and not my family I would prefer a cake that made myself and my friends laugh, like Olivia’s cake, which is my favorite of all the cakes by far. Hopefully my guests would be able to appreciate it.

  25. Maple says:

    I’d have to disagree with you on #2 for best cakes. The Giving Tree just makes me thing that the baby is going to grow up to be a greedy inconsiderate bitch.

    The baby’s bottom cake and the number 1 worst is pretty lulzy though.

  26. Yum says:

    i wouldn’t mind a belly button slice of cake.

  27. Yum says:

    Worst #1? More like Best #1!

  28. A says:

    i misss my 3 babys were pregnancy and good memory

  29. LOL says:

    Sorry y’all I gotta add to the minority here. I LOVE the Olivia cake. SO. FUNNY. If someone served that for me at a baby shower I would be laughing so hard — and when you’re that pregnant you need a great laugh!!!

  30. laylasmom says:

    i had a babys bottom for my shower but it was unique and the cutest cake ive ever eaten……as for number one thats jus plain dumb! i would b embarrassed to show that at my shower

  31. Julie says:

    Let’s try this again:

    I wouldn’t want the Olivia cake at my shower, but only because I’d probably laugh so hard I’d pee myself. Which would be embarassing. Hooray for preggo bladder!

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