Top 5 of 10 Most Difficult Things About Vacationing While Pregnant

With the holidays upon us (seriously y’all, the holidays are here! SO. NOT. READY.) lots of folks will be scoping out family vacations to take either for the holidays or as a lovely holiday gift to enjoy at a later date. Our family decided to not do any of that.

Jackson experienced Disney World for the first time last weekend… pre-holiday madness, AND LOVED IT! (Of course. Who doesn’t?) Aside from the fact that both he and I were experiencing head colds, we had a terrific time.

It was a last minute trip for us, which is not how we typically travel, but the fact that we are driving distance made us all spontaneous.


But, for as fun and spectacular and magical as Disney World is, I would be remiss not to share with you my ‘top 10 most difficult things about vacationing while pregnant.’ Well, 5 today and 5 tomorrow. I don’t want to overwhelm you.

  1. Planning– There is the pre-vacation laundry to be done, refrigerator to be cleaned out (ZOMG I have come home to a fridge with perishables that I had neglected to disposed of and I will NEVER make that mistake again), a dog to be booked at the kennel, tickets to purchase, shows to research, meals to plan, hotels to book. All of that needs to be done regardless of circumstance. If you want to get out the door, a planning element needs to have taken place. That essential planning element, for a pregnant woman with pregnant brain and all of her pregnantness is straight up madness.
  2. Packing– UGH! Anticipating weather (even in Central Florida) is difficult no matter what time of year it is. You always hear “layers, layers, layers” and all that translates to is “more clothes, more clothes, more clothes.” And since it was a family vacay at Disney, there were full on sneakers taking up a ridiculous amount of suitcase space. It’s one thing to have multiple pairs of flip flops that slide into a side pocket. It’s quite another to have your husband’s size 14 sneakers taking up half of the duffel bag that the two of you are sharing. No woman wants to pack her belongings next to your enormous stinky sneakers, especially when she’s pregnant and can’t figure out if there’s enough room for her evening flip flops too.
  3. Travel– Regardless of your method of travel, when you’re pregnant and traveling there are things to consider like how uncomfortable your seating will be, how long you will be restricted to said uncomfortable seating, your limbs falling asleep, BATHROOM BREAKS, snacks and fluids that need to be consumed at all hours of the day, and my personal favorite, knowing whether or not removing your shoes will offend any other passengers.
  4. Emotions– This can also include drastic mood swings, threats of shanking your partner for getting you a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar and not the soft pretzel you wanted, and basically anything else that *may* appear to be driven by hormones. As pregnant women, our emotional state is fragile just when we’re at home, surrounded by boxes of Kleenex to comfort us. When on vacation, our emotions are a monstrous beast only amplified by our surroundings. For me, last weekend, this meant that the parade in the Magic Kingdom was a total and complete SOB FEST because ZOMG DISNEY IS THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH.
  5. Physical limitations– I label this one ‘physical limitations’ for multiple reasons and to include multiple circumstances… Depending on what trimester you are in during your vacation, this can be different for all pregnant women. If you’re taking a beach baby-moon in your first trimester for bathing suit purposes, consider a lounge chair that is near a trash can. If you’re doing Disney, like I did, in your second trimester (well really, regardless of what trimester you’re in) know that you basically won’t be able to ride any ride with your partner or your other child(ren). If you’re in your third trimester, basically no matter your location, you’ll have to consider how much walking you will be doing and select your shoes accordingly.

Stay tuned soon-to-be turkey travelers… 5 more are coming tomorrow!


Article Posted 4 years Ago
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