Top Online Resources for Adoptive Parenting


Yesterday, I wrote about my top five favorite books for adoptive parents, and today I want to talk about where to get quick help for things that come up and refreshers that won’t use as much brain power as reading entire books. You may be tired, you may be jet-lagged in addition to being just plain tired, and you may be at the end of your rope. Help is out there, and it’s not hard to find. That is the magic of the internet. In particular, I love sites that have good search functions and short videos that pack a parenting-assistance punch. You can get what you need without a lot of fuss; that’s important when you are establishing your new family normal.

Empowered to Connect Of all the websites, this one has been most helpful to us. The videos are short and informative, and many give practical advice and instruction. There is a Christian element to these, but even if that is not your belief system, you can still get good information from the videos that will assist you in parenting your child.

Post Institute Bryan Post offers a better understanding of children with trauma histories as well as tools to help you parent better. The videos about oxytocin in particular have revolutionized the way I understand emotional needs. You can also sign up for the newsletter and get a new insights straight into your email inbox each week.

Heart of the Matter Seminars Their Because They Waited training system provides an excellent base for knowledge about your adopted child’s needs and how being in suboptimal care affects every aspect of a child’s development. I highly recommend completing this training as well as going through some of their other courses. While this training is not in the short and sweet category, doing a lesson every night after your kids are in bed will leave you with knowledge and tools to parent more effectively the next morning.

Adoption Learning Partners When it comes to finding specific courses to address needs as they come up, this is my go to site. We took their Adopting the Older Child course and found it to be informative and helpful. I’ve heard great things about many of their other courses as well.

Adoption Blogs There is no link here, as I simply cannot link to all the blogs that have been helpful to me. There are too many, and I would surely forget someone. My advice is to find a blog that resonates with your own experience and follow the links to other blogs from there. My adoptive parenting journey would not be nearly as successful if I had not connected with other adoptive parents online through their blogs. Finding families that are walking down similar paths and working through similar issues has not only put new tools in my parenting toolbox, but also gave me the comfort that I am not alone. The encouragement I have received from these other adoptive parents has been invaluable to me, and I am so grateful that the internet exists and that we can support each other in this way.


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