Tori Spelling Keeping Baby #3 Sex a Surprise!


Since the big announcement that Tori Spelling, and Dean McDermott are expecting their third child together, it seems like my favorite celebrity pregnancy news story. Why?  Because I love Tori Spelling, I have read all her books, and I have secretly been hoping she would get pregnant with baby #3 so we could have been pregnancy buddies.

But with a son and a daughter already, who are too cute if you ask me. I was wondering if she was going to find out the sex of baby number three, and it looks like her and Dean have decided not to.

Which was my plan for a third child, if we had a boy and girl already, as a lot of couples seem to do.

Although if I was actually in that position… I am not sure I would go through with the whole surprise aspect of it!

But alas… I find it awesome when celebrities decide not to find out!

Congrats again to Tori and Dean!  One of my favorite Hollywood couples!

Photo: PRPhotos