Traveling In The Third Trimester


We’re leaving this week for a whirlwind adventure – and while away I cross the shining gate into the homestretch. The third trimester.

I know for some moms maybe the third trimester isn’t going to be as hard as this one will be for me. Perhaps they don’t have three little boys with special needs. Perhaps they have a right hip that stays put. Perhaps they don’t swell 100x their size anytime they ride on a plane or in a car for any period of time.

But me? I do have all those things going on. And this trip is so crazy, I don’t know who planned it or why we agreed to it. But we did, so we go and we live in the now and create memories. Here’s the rundown:

Travel time:

5 hours on a plane
4 hours in a car
4 hours in a car
10 hours in a car
6 hours in a car
5 hours on a plane.

This madness will have a few days in between each leg. The first half of the leg will include a motorhome and a lot of “camping” type activities. The second leg will include two days at Disneyland and a wedding where we will all have to be cleaned up, on our best behavior and looking a little western-theme-ish.

I plan to post pictures and share how this adventure goes – but will you be thinking of me while you sit with your feet up and and enjoy your pregnancy from the couch? Or from the pool or the beach? Or somewhere not where bedlam ensues, so I can live through you? I’ll need the inspiration to get through my crazy days. Until then, bon voyage!