Trick or Treat Candy. It's Not For the Trick or Treaters.


It’s my kryptonite, and I typically keep it as far away from my house as possible. Or more specifically, as far away from my mouth as possible. You see, because once I start, there is not stopping me, until every last wrapper has been unwrapped. Every last “fun sized” nugget devoured.

I’m talking about those huge bags of candy that can be spotted at the end of every single isle, of every single grocery store, in America. My specific drug of choice happens to be of the chocolate variety. You know, Snickers, Almond Joys, Reese’s and Kit Kats. Oh, I love them all equally. Ok fine, Snickers rank slightly higher than the rest.

Typically for Halloween, I buy candy I don’t really like, treats that don’t tempt me like the chocolate stuff does. I don’t mean gross junky candy (like Neeco Wafers, so nasty), just candy that I totally won’t destroy in 2.5 seconds flat. Stuff like Starburst, Nerds, and Blowpop suckers. Kids like that stuff, right?

But being that I’m 7+ months pregnant during Halloween, this year, I’ve allowed myself grace and picked up the “good stuff”.  That’s right, my candy pantry is stocked, and you better believe your pregnant bellies, I’m diving in.

So here we are, a whole weekend away from Halloween night, and I’m averaging around 5 pieces a day, if not more if I was being realistic. This pretty much means that if you’re trick or treating in my neighborhood, you best be early. Because supplies are dwindling.

And for a minute, can we discuss how the “fun size” is really not all that fun, and also getting suspiciously smaller every year?

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