Troubled Country Singer Mindy McCready Pregnant with Twins

The singer hasn't named the father.

I don’t know what’s going on with country singer Mindy McCready but it doesn’t look good.

The singer, who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse is accused of taking her 5-year-old son, Zander, away from his legal guardian, against a court order. McCready has been involved in a messy custody battle over her son with her own mother and ex-husband, Billy McKnight. Zander lives with his grandmother and visits his father regularly. He’s only allowed to have supervised visits with McCready.

During a visit with the boy Tuesday McCready took off with him. A missing persons report was filed. Then her spokesman came forward and said she and her son are safe, healthy and comfortable. Although ordered by a judge to return her son, McCready has refused, saying she is seven months pregnant with twins and cannot travel.

A judge signed an order yesterday ordering authorities to find Zander and take him into custody on sight. McCready, who has not identified the father of her twins, could face felony charges for bringing Zander across state lines.