Truths About the Postpartum Period

We’ve all heard about what we can expect postpartum: from leaky, engorged breasts to the fact that our skinny jeans probably won’t be sliding on comfortably in the hours after delivery…we all know that the process isn’t without its challenges.   But when I ran across this post about postpartum truisms at Mommyish, I thought of a few of my own I had to share with you.

Trading the glow of pregnancy for acne. That estrogen that infused your skin with the glow of pregnancy has been replaced hormonal swings, lack of sleep, and perhaps a hiatus from your regular skin care routine. The result just might be with blemishes that leave you wondering if the teenage years have returned. Plus if you’re one of the lucky ones whose complexion has the dark patches known as the “mask of pregnancy.”  But fear not! Both should resolve in the weeks and months after childbirth. Accelerate the fading of the dark patches by wearing sunscreen, and do your best to at least cleanse and moisturize your face twice daily.

Afterbirth pains are worse after the first baby. The labor was over, but the pain wasn’t. I had natural childbirths with my kids…but then downed ibuprofen like candy for afterbirth pains. For whatever reason, that uterus squeezing itself back into shape hurts like crazy after that first baby.

Hair falling out at what seems like an alarming rate. You know that all of that luxurious hair that graced your head during pregnancy is going to fall out, but you don’t know know. When it starts shedding, it seems like there MUST be something wrong…because fistfuls of hair are in your hands from a gentle sweeping back of the bangs. Inevitably at some point I wonder, “Hmmmm…is this NORMAL?” But it is.

Bad posture and a sore back. Those hormones of pregnancy wear a lot of hats; one of them is loosening your ligaments to accommodate childbirth. It takes a while for them to tighten back up, and at the same time your core muscle strengths aren’t what they were prior to pregnancy.  Add to this constantly cradling/carrying a baby, and this is a recipe for wincing with back pain and walking around stooped (Hey! Works well with the liver spots!).

You can’t keep up with the rest of the world. And when you finally get a full night’s sleep and emerge from the mental fog, you realize everyone else has moved forward with their lives over three months. They’ve taken vacations, read books, seen movies. Some have even gotten pregnant.   Ha! They don’t know what’s coming.

Of course, it goes without saying that what’s really coming is the most delicious little babe…and totally worth all of the physical indignities and discomforts.

So what is your postpartum truisim?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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